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Re-organization of Afghanistan’s Emerging Civil and Political Forces Network (ECPF-A)

June 20-21, 2024

The Organization of Afghanistan’s Emerging Civil and Political Forces Network (ECPF-A) recognizes the urgent need for dialogue and action amidst a rapidly deteriorating situation in the country.

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Invite Afghanistan’s Majority to the Table at Doha Envoy Talks

By Amb. Nasir A. Andisha

Co-Founder and Strategic Advisor, Center for Dialogue and Progress-Geneva

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Countering Gender Apartheid & Gender Persecution in Afghanistan: Call for Global Action for Accountability and Codification

On the sidelines of the 56th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, a critical discussion on “Countering Gender Apartheid & Gender Persecution in Afghanistan: Call for Global Action for Accountability and Codification.”

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Antalya Conference Summary

National Dialogue; Role of Civil Society, Women and the Future of Afghanistan

The Conference was organized by the Centre for Dialogue and Progress – Geneva (CDP-G) in partnership with Akdeniz University – on March 16 and 17, 2023, in Antalya, Türkiye.

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3rd CDP-G National Dialogue Conference on Afghanistan

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Our Work

Center for Dialogue and Progress – Geneva (CDP-G) is a research and policy advocacy organization that studies critical socio, political, and economic development issues in fragile states. The Center is an active platform for policy dialogue of young professionals, experienced scholars, and experts whose work will inform and guide our activities and help generate solutions.

​We educate, facilitate dialogue and build capacity of the civil society and foster regional cooperation on peace-building, reconciliation, and humanitarian affairs. Our experts explore and analyze pressing and critical problems, bridging the gaps between local and global knowledge and practices to develop solutions to the contemporary challenges. Transitioning to a functioning and sustainable state requires informed and active citizenry for which the Center facilitates provision of knowledge and transfer of time-tested best practices in the public interest.

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CDP-G Conference Antalya

جایگاه رسانه ها در پایداری مردم سالاری

قانون اساسی؛ نقش پروسه تقنین در مشروعیت و ثبات دوامدار

اهمیت تامین عدالت در پروسه گذار جوامع جنگ و استبداد زده به صلح و دموکراسی

نقش دین و فرهنگ در ملت سازی

آیا اقتصاد افغانستان رو به رکود است؟ بایدها و نبایدها