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National Dialogue, Role of Civil Society and Democratic Forces in the Future of Afghanistan

Geneva, Switzerland – March 11, 2024

This paper reflects a summary of the discussions, as noted by respective rapporteurs.  

Over 80 civil society leaders, young professionals, activists, intellectuals, human rights activists, journalists, members of Afghanistan’s community, and men and women with diverse socio-political backgrounds gathered in Antalya on March 4th and 5th, 2024 to engage in a thorough and constructive dialogue on Afghanistan’s complex trajectory. 

Acknowledging the significance of this conference series, participants emphasized its role as a crucial platform for unveiling fresh perspectives on Afghanistan’s current political, social, and economic landscape. The attendees delved into discussions surrounding vital issues such as state legitimacy, popular sovereignty, and popular participation. Notably, they recognized the pivotal role of civil society and young democratic forces in shaping a constructive engagement and dialogue based on shared values.

To read the complete conference report, including the discussions and recommendations in English, Dari, and Pashto, please refer to the below links: