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CDP-G is always committed to engaging professionals and individuals in our transformative programmes. We believe that collaboration and diverse perspectives are vital to addressing the complex challenges of our time. Through our public events, networking opportunities, collaborative projects, and publication platforms, we invite you to join us in shaping a better future.

Get involved with us through

Public Events

Immerse yourself in stimulating discussions, dynamic panels, and enlightening workshops at our thought-provoking public events. These gatherings bring together renowned experts, civil society leaders, policymakers, and engaged citizens, fostering a dialogue that leads to actionable solutions.


Forge valuable connections with fellow thought leaders, professionals, and changemakers through our networking initiatives. These events provide a platform for meaningful interactions, enabling you to build relationships, explore synergies, and form collaborations that have the potential to drive real-world impact.

Collaborative Projects

Harness the power of collective intelligence by participating in our collaborative projects. We actively seek partnerships with organizations, academia, and individuals to tackle complex problems from interdisciplinary perspectives. Together, we can co-create innovative solutions, leverage cutting-edge technologies, and pioneer groundbreaking approaches that address societal challenges and drive sustainable development.


Your ideas have the power to inspire and influence public discourse. We are eager to provide a platform for your research, insights, and publications. Submit your work to our esteemed publication platform, where it will reach a wide audience of policymakers, academics, and industry experts. Contribute to shaping public opinion, advancing knowledge, and fostering evidence-based decision-making.


 Private Sector and the Role of Women Fellow (Part-time)

The Center for Dialogue and Progress seeks a dynamic and proactive individual to join our team as a Part-Time Fellow. The ideal candidate will be strongly interested in economic development, finance, trade, and women’s empowerment in Afghanistan.

Media and Communications Fellow (Part-time)

CDP-G is seeking a highly motivated and skilled individual to join our team as a Media and Communications Fellow. The ideal candidate will be a senior team member who coordinates efforts, including better and more effective communication.


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