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Summary of Discussions and Recommendation: Joint Roundtable: Potentials & Capacity of the Private Sector for Partnership in the Provision of Humanitarian & Essential Services in Afghanistan

Geneva, Switzerland – Following the recommendations of the previous two rounds of  CDPG’s National Dialogue Conferences, (Geneva 2022, Antalya 2023), on Tuesday, February 6, 2024, economic experts, policymakers, representatives of the private sector from Afghanistan and members of the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment (ACCI), prominent business leader’s active outside of Afghanistan, and diplomats from the countries of the region gathered in Geneva to participate at a pioneer discussion addressing Afghanistan’s economic, finance and trade challenges. Divided into four sessions, the conference delved into the complex dynamics of Afghanistan’s economic landscape, the potentials for partnership of the private sector in humanitarian aid and services delivery, the opportunities and risks facing women-led enterprises, and strategies for fostering sustainable investment and economic growth.


Click below to read the detailed report of this event in (English – Farsi – Pashto).